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About Me

With great experience from all over the world - ranging from China, to Berlin, I have succesfully made my way through marketing. For a couple of years i had a hobby of building and optimizing websites, yet in 2012 I transformed it to a full time job.

Since than I have worked with companies such as Groupon, or X-KOM, Appen Butler Hill, and many others, helping in developing the SEO strategies, removing algorithmic and manual penalties from domains with milions of backlinks, helping improving ranking algorithms, analyzing web traffic and implementing advanced analytics tracking to many domains.

I begin where others fail, and yet, this is just the beginning!


  • Assistance in getting rid of Penguin Update effects
    Penguin Recovery

    Are your rankings falling? Ammount of visitors have dropped drastically in previous months? Contact me to see what I can do to heal your site

  • Assistance in getting rid of Manually given penalties
    Manual Penalties

    Did you get a manal penalty message? Google won't show your site to searchers unless you clean what's wrong ! Let me deal with it for you !

  • Execution of SEO audits, to festen your site
    SEO Audit

    A full SEO Audit of each type of your page. I WILL make your site SEO and user friendly ! Even a small tweak can improve your page's performance in Search Engines !

  • Advisory in implementation and configuration of Google Analytics
    Analytics Support

    Trying to install Analytics and got stuck ? Don't know how to implement Ecommerce ? Or maybe Analytics just appears to you as a witchcraft ? Message me for solutions !

  • Assitance in your link building and link prospecting
    Link Prospecting

    Are you ot of ideas on where to put your link securely, so Google don't bother? Mail me and I will prepare a special list with places worthy of getting a link !

  • Analysis of Your Competition actions in SEO
    Competitors' Analysis

    Your Competiton doesn't sleep. Check where do they have links, where you don't, how do they do their SEO, and most important, how do they do on a foreign markets. It's one mail away from you !



  • E-ndependents
    SEA Manager & Web - Analyst

    Managing works of company's Analysts, SEO an SEM teams, helping customers evaluate their online activities, suggesting budget shifts.

  • PLUM Web Solutions
    SEO Analyst / Manager

    Setting up company's customers strategies, managing team of SEOs, providing SEO Audits and SEO Competition Analysis.

  • Appen Butler Hill
    Web Search Evaluator

    Evaluating Search Engine Results for one of the biggest Search Engines in polish and english market.

  • X-KOM
    2012 - 2013
    SEO Specialist

    Optimizing company's website, analyzing users flow, building an SEO strategy for company's website, building procedures for content creation, analyzing competition, building procedures for linkbuilding, finding new opportunities for attracting customers to company's website.

  • Groupon GmbH
    2012 - 2012
    SEO Intern

    Optimization of and it's positioning in Google's SERP's. Using different methods of positioning, servicing bloggers. Managing profiles of in Social Medias.

  • Groupon GmbH
    SEO Copywriter

    Writing and optimizing SEO texts for pages


  • Warsaw School of Economics
    2012 - 2013
    Internet Marketing

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  • Academy of Physical Education
    2007 - 2011
    Emergency Management

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  • Højskolen Snoghøj
    2008 - 2009
    Media Design

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My Skills

  • Google WT
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adsense
  • Link Research Tools
  • Majestic SEO
  • Searchmetrics


Something went bananas ...

So while i fix the contact form, you may always mail me at:

Frequently Wondered Questions

Some questions I am all the time asked

Hey, this is a one-page, and you know, they are not really SEO friendly
Oh, yes I know. But this page was made so some people can get to know me better. The main objective of this page is friendliness and easyness.

How come you, "genious", are not ranking in my Google/ Bing/ Yahoo!... for ...
Okay, that's an easy one - simply, I do not do an SEO for this page. Mostly people do find this page because of visiting me on LinkedIn, typing my name in Google, or by retyping the domain from my business card

I look inside your code and it's not SEO optimized
Yeah, well, as said earlier - I made my decision that easy navigation is more important to me than SEO optimized code and content. Sorry !
Although if you want to see some of pages I worked on, mail me, I will be hapy to present what did I do.